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I have been in this home and have noticed a huge crack in the top of the concrete verandah. And when you are looking from the kitchen to the front window, there is a noticeable sag in the ceramic floor in the dining room. Why is this occurring and what cost is it to repair? Are there other structural problems with this home? It's been on the market far too long. We are interested in this home, but highly suspect there will be many costly issues in regard to structure and water quality and quantity.

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Thank you for a most interesting question!  For this type of question, it is verty difficult to give an answer without first seeing the home. How old is it? Where is it located,(bottom of a hill), is there a basement,added. What do you mean by the 'top of the verandah'? The walking surface? Is there a cold room below it?
Are the ceramic tiles original or vendor added?  As you can see, these issues that you raise bring more questions that  would be examined at a home inspection. If there was a serious crack, patching MAY be required, if there are cracked ceramic tiles, it MAY need re-building.
The water question for quality and quantity depnds if the well is dug or drilled, and its age. These can also be answered at a home inspection.
I suggest talking to your realtor in regards to having a home inspection on the property. On occasion, we have done inspections before a written offer to purchase is made.
John Parkin, AmeriSpec of Simcoe / Muskoka