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Jun 15

When a buyer wants to extend the closing date to a later date what are the vendor's options if he declines? Is this a practical move? Les

Expert Question posted by Joanne McPhail  ::  Views (8276)
Hi there:  If a buyer cannot close on the closing date set out in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, the seller can agree to extend that date, if he is so inclined.  Sometimes monetary inducements are given as a result of such a request by the Buyer, as... [ more ]
May 18

Pheonenmal breakdown of the topic, you should write for me too!

Expert Question posted by Joanne McPhail  ::  Views (6311)
Thanks! [ more ]
Apr 26

Flashback to 1969… Is housing really more unaffordable today?

Blog posted by Kevin Harris  ::  Views (8505)
We keep hearing it on the news, from government, economists and banks… housing is more unaffordable today than it was for previous generations.  Is it really as much as people claim? We thought we would take a look and see at what the differences... [ more ]
Apr 11

Things are Looking Up!

Blog posted by Kevin Harris  ::  Views (10617)
Not a boom, but not a bust either According to an article in the Leader-Post StatsCan has reported that the economy had stronger growth than predicted in January. The growth was primarily driven by a stronger manufacturing sector but the arts, technology and... [ more ]
Feb 21

3 Impactful 2013 Resolutions for Your Home

Blog posted by Kevin Harris  ::  Views (8258)
Whether it’s most important for you and your family to shrink your bills or reduce your carbon footprint, these resolutions are commendable. Here are some useful tips that can benefit ecological conservation, make more time for family, and lead to home... [ more ]
Feb 13


Blog posted by Joanne McPhail  ::  Views (16564)  ::  (1 comments)
Clients of mine recently purchased a property, only to discover on closing that the air conditioner had been removed right before closing. They now find themselves in the midst of a small claims court action for damages for the loss of the value of the unit... [ more ]
Nov 26

TFSA Annual Contribution Limit Increasing to $5500

Blog posted by Kevin Harris  ::  Views (8853)
The Canadian government announced today that the annual limit on what one can contribute to their Tax Free Savings Account will increase by $500 starting in 2013. This is the first year since its introduction in 2009 that the government has raised the... [ more ]
Nov 14

Buying a House (with your parents)

Blog posted by Joanne McPhail  ::  Views (14751)
Back in “the day” when a young person buying a home needed some help from his/her parents to get their first mortgage, the parents would act as “guarantors” of the mortgage.  This obviously came with risk to the parents, but more often... [ more ]
Nov 14

A Shorter Amortization Will Save You Thousands

Blog posted by Kevin Harris  ::  Views (8122)
With today’s historically low interest rates, it makes sense to shorten the number of years your mortgage is amortized over. Doing this will not only pay off your mortgage years earlier, but it will also save yourself thousands of dollars over the life of your... [ more ]
Oct 1

Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

Blog posted by Kevin Harris  ::  Views (9156)
If you couldn’t tell by the cooler weather and that it’s dark by 8pm, Fall has graced us with its presence. The arrival of Fall makes us want to curl up with a blanket by the fire and read a good book. But before that can be done, there are... [ more ]
Aug 28

What's Your Number?

Blog posted by Kevin Harris  ::  Views (35347)
You’ve most likely heard the term “credit score” in conversations about debt or borrowing and understand that it has an effect on our ability to take out loans and get a mortgage and that it’s important to maintain good credit. Do you... [ more ]
Jul 18

Bank of Canada Maintains Overnight Rate Target at 1 per cent

Blog posted by Kevin Harris  ::  Views (10600)
The Bank of Canada left its key overnight lending rate unchanged Tuesday, where it’s been sitting for almost two years. The last time it rose was September 8, 2010, when it was increased from .75 per cent up to 1 per cent. The overnight rate, which banks... [ more ]
Jul 18

Mortgage Rules Have Changed Again

Blog posted by Kevin Harris  ::  Views (8646)
Here we go again. The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions had proposed new guidelines for mortgage underwriting back in March and final Residential Mortgage Underwriting Practices and Procedures were released to financial institutions today.... [ more ]
Jun 13

Seller Property Information Sheet (SPIS) – Just Don’t Go There!

Blog posted by Joanne McPhail  ::  Views (29467)  ::  (2 comments)
Here is a copy of a blog posted on Barriston LLP's web site: written by David Lucenti, Associate.  Thansk David! A couple of weeks ago, a client came in to see me regarding the sale of her home.  She... [ more ]
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